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Our partnership with Standard Life

  • Thursday, March 21, 2019

We are delighted to have partnered with Standard Life to breakdown the stigma in talking about endometriosis - a partnership all about helping people to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Together we aim to reduce the stigma that can often exist when it comes to discussing particular unseen health concerns at work by bringing the conversation into the mainstream. This is a two-year partnership that we hope will inspire other employers to follow suit and also share their support for employees that may be suffering from invisible illnesses such as endometriosis. View more about the partership on their website here. 

Endometriosis UK has seen first-hand the devastating impact endometriosis can have on a person's career and finances, and working with Standard Life has enabled us to continue this important conversation. Already our partership has seen the launch of Beyond the Invisible - an exhibition highlighting 15 people's experiences of endometriosis - and Standard Life Aberdeen leading the way in becoming the UK's first Endometriosis Friendly Employer. 

Beyond the Invisible

In March 2019, we were proud to be part of a new exhibition – Beyond the Invisible – to shine a light on 15 people’s experiences with endometriosis.

The unique, interactive exhibition was presented by Standard Life, featuring photographs from internationally renowned photographer Rankin. The series of videos and photographs featured intimate portraits of fifteen women and men who have a relationship with this invisible illness in the hope of making it ‘visible’ to the public.

Rankin’s subjects for the exhibition included endometriosis sufferers from all walks of life, including TV presenter Julia Bradbury and BBC 5Live presenter Emma Barnett, as well as professionals who support sufferers through their work.

If you missed this incredible exhibition, you can view it online here.

Below are just some of the incredible photos and stories from the exhibition: 

It took 9 years to diagnose Bhavni's endometriosis, and she's now a campaigner and Support Group Leader for Endometriosis UK to raise awareness of the disease amongst other women. Watch her film and story here

Emma is an award-winning, highly accomplished broadcaster and journalist. She’s an incredible advocate for endometriosis sufferers, and is always doing what she can with her profile to raise awareness. Watch her story here

Roxie was told her endometriosis was "invalid because she’s not in a heterosexual relationship". Her story is hard to hear, but thanks to Roxie opening up about her story, we can start to campaign for change so others don’t have to face the barriers that she and so many others have had to face.

To watch Roxie's video and everyone else who took part in the exhibition, visit the Beyond the Invisible website at: https://www.beyondtheinvisible.co.uk/gallery

Endometriosis Friendly Employer

Standard Life Aberdeen have also become the UK's first Endometriosis Friendly Employerhelping drive positive change in the workplace for the 1 in 10 women with endometriosis and stamp out employers simply brushing women's issues under the carpet. In 2020, the organisation are rolling out a series of internal talks, meet-ups and feedback sessions to support colleagues with endometriosis, build up a network and continue to raise awareness of the condition. We are now encouraging other employers to follow their lead in taking endometriosis seriously in the workplace, and ensuring people have access to the support they need to manage their job alongside their condition. Find out more about the scheme here

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