Online research project

Monday, March 16, 2015

A full time student enrolled on the MSc Applied Psychology course at Coventry University is looking for participants to take part in a research project.

The research question is: Can mindfulness and social support improve the quality of life for women that experience chronic pelvic pain?

She is looking for female participants aged 18 or over, that are experiencing chronic pelvic pain. Participants will be included if the pain is constant or intermittent and whether or not they have a gynaecological diagnosis. Participants will be asked about their symptoms and medication and also what they hope to gain from participating in this study.

Participants will be assigned to one of two groups, either the online mindfulness course or the online support group. Both groups are free of charge. Both groups will last eight weeks.

The mindfulness group will complete four questionnaires before and after the course. Participants will be asked to keep a meditation log and email it to me weekly. The course is clearly outlined per week. Participants can follow the course in their own time in the comfort of their own home. I will keep in touch with participants and be available to answer any questions.

The support group will be assigned a day of the week and a time to log into the group to take part in a supportive conversation. Participants can contribute to the group at any time, from the comfort of their own home. Participants will be asked to complete four questionnaires before and after the group.

Participants can withdraw from either group at any time, and will not be pressured to give reasons or return to the group.

It is hoped that participants will notice a change in their quality of life from taking part in either group.

For more information or to take part please contact Clair Dempsey at