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How to reach your fundraising target

  • Friday, February 14, 2014

Sometimes having to hit your fundraising target can seem like a daunting task.

We want to assure you that fundraising can be a lot easier than you think. There are plenty of ways you can raise money easily and have fun in the process! 

Fundraising events do not have to be a massive affair with hundreds of people - a simple gathering of friends and neighbours can be just as effective. These events can be easy to arrange, great fun and can raise a lot of money. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started and help you conquer your fundraising target!

  1. Set up a Just Giving fundraising page: Personalise your page with photos and your story about why you are doing the challenge, then send it to everyone you know – family, friends and colleagues. People can be surprisingly generous. Make sure you remind people to add Gift Aid.  Target: £150
  2. Dress down day: Organise a dress down day at work and ask all your colleague who participate to donate £2 (or more).  Target £50
  3. Garage sale/eBay sale: Everyone has a few bits n bobs lying around their house that they don’t use. Remember that  lovely dress and matching shoes that you brought and have never worn?You’ll be surprised how much your unwanted goods can raise. One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure. Target £50
  4. Hold a quiz night at your local pub: Why not ask the Quiz Master at your local pub whether some of the proceeds from their next quiz can be donated towards Endometriosis UK? You can request some tins from our fundraising team by registering your event here. Target £40 
  5. Tea Party: Everyone loves cake. Why not host a tea party and utilise your baking skills to create some tasty treats for your friends and family Ask for a donation of around £5 for a slice of something sweet and a lovely cup of tea. Target £60
  6. Host a Dinner evening: Invite a group of friends and family round for dinner. Ask everyone to bring a bottle of something nice and they can each make a donation of £10 for a home cooked meal. Cook a curry or a pie, something low cost, simple and delicious! You could also do your own Happy Hour and request donations for delicious cocktails! Target £50
  7. Use your social networks: Using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can increase your fundraising results by up to 40%. If you do a long training day, why not take a photo out on your run and write a Facebook post about how you are getting along. This will remind people that they need to sponsor you. Target £70 

​Total: £470

The possibilities are endless and once you start you will be surprised at how generous people are. 

Need more inspiration?

Find out how one couple of Endometriosis UK fundraisers managed to smash their fundraising target.

Alison and Val Germain

Mother and daughter duo, Alison and Val, took part in our Pink Pants X-London walk in September 2013. Alison and Val managed to raise a startling £1,020, smashing their fundraising target of £150!

Alison and Val achieved all of this through simple donations and utilising social media. The pair posted lots of pictures and updates of their training on social media, with links to their Just Giving page and a reminder for people to sponsor them.

Endometriosis UK Fundraisers

“The training pictures meant people remembered to sponsor us and we raised more money each time we posted about our training walk.  Keeping our story alive helped us raise more money.”


Top tip – Keep your Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving page open after the event as people will continue to donate once they see the photos of what you’ve achieved.

Sign up to fundraise for Endometriosis today and your fundraising will help us support women with endometriosis.



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