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Meet Web Chat Volunteer, Michelle

Endometriosis UK is celebrating Black History Month this October. We’ll be using the month to amplify and celebrate some of those from Black communities who are improving endometriosis awareness, support, and health care.

"I have been volunteering for Endometriosis UK for the past 18 months. After being diagnosed in my mid 20s after years of suffering, now in my late 40s, I wanted to get involved and help fellow sufferers feel listened to and make a difference. ⁠

Volunteering is my way of giving back and being part of the change"⁠

Today we’re celebrating our amazing Web Chat Volunteer, Michelle. ⁠

In March 2022 the Endometriosis UK web chat service was launched and ever since, Michelle has helped to provide emotional support and endometriosis information to the community. Each year hundreds turn to the webchat service for a listening ear and to chat to someone who understands their experiences. ⁠

Professionally, Michelle has worked in finance for nearly 23 years and has recently opted to take voluntary redundancy. Michelle has just secured a new role working for a charity which will commence in November. Her volunteering with Endometriosis UK fulled her desire to do more in this sector and continue to help those who need support. ⁠

We are grateful to have Michelle volunteer her time and appreciate all she does to support others with endometriosis.