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Susie Barton is running the London Marathon on the 2nd of October for Endometriosis UK. We asked Susie about her journey with endometriosis and why she’s chosen to run for the charity. 


Hi Susie! Firstly, thank you so much for choosing to support Endometriosis UK at this year’s London Marathon. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what motivated you to fundraise for Endometriosis UK?
I was diagnosed in April 2021 (amid pandemic chaos) after being bedridden on and off since May 2020. In my diagnostic laparoscopy they uncovered that I had endometriosis on my bladder, my bowel and the back of my womb, as well as a large endometrioma on my left ovary. Before being diagnosed I knew very little about endometriosis.

What does running the London Marathon for Endometriosis UK mean to you?
Running a marathon was definitely on my bucket list at some point (although probably not so soon!) However, after a tough 2021 I felt like I actually just needed something to accomplish. I was NEVER a runner, I’ve always found it so much harder than others. I remember being chosen to run the 800m at school and needing to walk half of it! Running a marathon for endometriosis makes it such a more personal victory - I know that there was NO way I could have done this last year or the year before.

That’s so amazing. Why do you think it’s important to fundraise for Endometriosis UK?
It’s just not discussed enough! Since talking about it online and in person I’ve realised just how many people it affects, from girls I went to school with to the post man’s wife. Despite this there is such a lack of attention in the media or medical industry. Endometriosis UK works so hard to keep the conversation going. And hopefully one day we can find a real cure.

Do you have any tips for others who want to take on a similar challenge?
For training - make sure you’re fuelling your body before and during a run. You will notice such a huge difference when you don’t. For fundraising - reach out to local news outlets & talk to people about it. More often than not people have been affected and they want to support you. 

I spoke about it with my local news outlets here.

Well said Susie. Thank you so much and best of luck with London Marathon!

You can donate to Susie’s Justgiving page here:

Susie with a medal