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Living with Endometriosis: Nadine's Story

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2007 and spent years trying to manage the pain and live a “normal” life. My mental health suffered and I didn’t feel I was in control of my body. Endometriosis has affected my bowel, lung and diaphragm, and infertility. I had to live with a colostomy for a year and more recently was diagnosed with thoracic endometriosis. I’ve spent my thirties doing IVF treatment and still hope my dreams will become a reality. 

I’m very fortunate to have supportive family and friends who I can talk to honestly about the impact of endometriosis on my life. Through this online community, I have been able to share my journey and connect with a diverse group of people. By opening up about my own experience, it has helped others to realise they are not alone.

Endometriosis is debilitating and millions of us are battling with it on a daily basis. But together we are stronger.