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Living with Endometriosis: Emma's Story

My name is Emma but on Instagram you will know me better as mummyspaininthearse. I first started my periods when I was 10 years old in quite a horrific way to say the least. The pain was completely debilitating and they would last for 14 days at a time only to start 14 days later. 

Many years past where I was told all of this was ‘just how some periods can be’ and then to be diagnosed with IBS just didn’t add up. I was put on numerous contraceptive pills, the coil, pain medications, prostap injections to then finally at the age of 20 have my first laparoscopy where I was diagnosed with adenomyosis (no Endometriosis found). It was only when a few months later a Endometriosis specialised surgeon operated on me a few months later that he found stage 4 Endometriosis everywhere. There began the cycle of constant surgeries, recovery, procedures, and prostap injections. Me and my husband had our miracle daughter and then after 6 surgeries the Endometriosis had become to be beyond debilitating and I would bleed even whilst on prostap. At the age of 31 I had a full hysterectomy. This took 3 surgeries in total that each took around 7-8 hours where each surgery I had my bowel damaged twice, my uretha damaged twice needing a stent for 8 weeks, a catheter, a blood transfusion and months of recovery. Nearly 5 years on I’m STILL in crippling pain and have been referred back to another surgeon.

There are times I have felt so alone and lost. This pain has a way of doing that to you, especially when it’s 3am and the rest of your family are sound asleep. When it’s there, every single day. Then I came onto Instagram... and I started speaking to you guys. You have helped me feel less alone. You have helped me feel so much stronger when I have felt my weakest, physically and mentally. There is a reason why we’re called Endosisters, because we are a sisterhood, I truly believe that. Whenever one of us needs picking up, we all reach out a gentle hand a help lift that person up. 

Being asked to become a Awareness representative is such an honour. My PASSION is to spread awareness about Endometriosis, to help others not feel alone and to help the future generation know that they are never alone.