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Living with Endometriosis: Atima's Story

It’s taken me 30 years to get a diagnosis and I know I’m not alone in being told it’s normal or just a ‘bad period’. I want to help to bring change and raise awareness. This disease takes so much from us. As someone with multiple chronic illnesses I can say endometriosis is the one that has impacted me in every way, my relationships, my friendships, my mental health and my career aspirations.

As a child I thought all women suffered with horrible pain during their periods and that I must just be weak..that is not the case. I still remember my gynaecologist waiting for me in recovery to tell me I was not mad and that they had found endometriosis during my excision surgery in Dec 2019.

I have only felt comfortable sharing my experiences more recently due to the stigma attached to anything period related. I still remember being told that periods are dirty and we don’t discuss them!! Well here I am discussing sharing and shouting loud. More must be done and with twin daughters nearing menstrual age I will be right there campaigning for more to be done.  No one should have to wait this long for diagnosis or treatment.