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Kim's story

Kim ran the british 10k for Endometriosis UK

Kim ran the British 10K for Endometriosis UK a few months after having a laparoscopy. Find out more about her experience of endometriosis, how exercise helps her manage the condition and how it felt to fundraise for Endometriosis UK.

"The British 10k was very tough, but the fact I was doing it for a great charity and for every single woman out there that suffers with this cruel illness made me push through the pain and cross that finish line."

My experience

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in August 2012 via a laparoscopy. However getting diagnosed was incredibly difficult. I started showing symptoms of endometriosis when I was just 12 years old. From then up until I was 17 when I finally got diagnosed I was constantly back and forth to the doctors, paediatrics and gynaecologists. However even though I was suffering with nearly every symptom of endometriosis, I still got turned away and told there was nothing wrong with me and that I would grow out of this.

This had an impact on my education and social life as I was in constant pain. It was extremely difficult for me as I had no diagnosis. When people asked me what was wrong I had nothing to tell them as I had no idea myself what was going on apart from that I was in extreme pain. People starting to think I was making it up, which then caused me to doubt myself.

The impact endometriosis has had on my everyday life is the unpredictability of when I will get a bad flare up. This means I can’t plan things as I don't know how I will feel each day. Because of the up and downs of pain with endometriosis, it’s affected my work, social life and relationships with people. This had all caused big emotional stress as well as physical pain and problems.

Exercising and fundraising for Endometriosis UK

In the last 18 months I have found exercise to be my new best friend! It’s a great way for me to relieve frustration, upset and anger. I have also notice some improvements in some of my physical symptoms since I have been exercising and improving my general health and fitness.

I was due to take part in Endometriosis UK's Pink Pants Snowdon Horseshoe Challenge; however, due to complications following a laparoscopy I was unable to take part. Not taking part in the Snowdon challenge was really devastating for me as I was really looking forward to pushing myself in that challenge. However this made me more determined to do the British 10K run and has spurred on my recovery as I am not going to let endometriosis stop me from doing another thing I feel very passionate about. Getting back into training was hard both mentally and physically especially as I had been out of exercise for a few months.

On the day of the race my endometriosis pain had flared up a bit but I was determined to not let that get in the way! The British 10K was very tough, but the fact I was doing it for a great charity and for every single woman out there that suffers with this cruel illness made me push through the pain and cross that finish line. Crossing the finish line was such an emotional and amazing feeling! Considering everything my body had been through just a couple months before the race including major surgery and bad complications afterwards, I was so proud that I didn't give up and I did it! And I am really hoping to take part in a half marathon next year for Endometriosis UK!

I chose to support Endometriosis UK because it’s a charity I feel very passionately about and that helped me a lot when I first got diagnosed. 

- Kim

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