Health Unlocked Moderator

We are currently recruiting for THREE Health Unlocked moderators. If you are interested in applying for the role, please submit an application by Friday 23rd June 2017 to Training will be held at our London office on Wednesday 5th July, 3-6pm.

Role Outline – Health Unlocked Moderator


Our volunteers are at the core of our organisation, making up our Support Network, which allow us to reach and make a difference to women struggling with the effect endometriosis has on their lives. Without our Support Network volunteers, we would be unable to reach the thousands of women who rely on us for support and information.

How does this role make a difference?

The forum is an important part of the charity's ability to provide information, support, a sense of belonging and community to women with endometriosis all over the country. Volunteering as a moderator is a very rewarding way to help others by using your knowledge of endometriosis and occasionally your own experience.

What will the role require me to do?

  • Supporting the Network Support Manager in ensuring that the forum is a relevant, welcoming, safe and supportive environment for members.
  • Visiting the discussion forum during your shift and reading as many of the threads and posts as possible.
  • Taking part in discussions and answering posts, providing relevant, unbiased and accurate information using your knowledge of endometriosis.
  • Reporting posts or private messages that are offensive or violate the forum code of conduct.
  • To be able to help solve any disputes that may take place between users of the message board and mediating discussions that become inflammatory.
  • Removing SPAM posts.
  • Ensuring contributors are aware of the importance of their own privacy and safety either by private message or via the Digital Communications Officer.

What skills and experience are required?

No special qualifications are needed for this role, but access to a computer and the internet is essential. The following skills are required for the role:

  • Leadership and self-motivation
  • Remembering to provide information and not to advise
  • Ability to empathise with people and not to over-sympathise
  • To be able to speak authoritatively about endometriosis without embarrassment and explain a complex disease in simple terms
  • Experience of endometriosis, either personally or friend or family member
  • Some experience of the voluntary sector would be an advantage
  • Ability to explain a complex disease in simple terms



What training is provided?

All our moderators receive training to ensure they have the necessary skills before becoming members of the team. If their application is successful, they are invited to a training event. All reasonable expenses are paid for by Endometriosis UK. Our Online Support Group Leaders receive ongoing training via our ongoing training programmes, in office support and our regular newsletters.


How do I apply?

For more information about the role, you can download the role description here.

If you are interested in applying for the role of Health Unlocked Moderator, please complete an application form and submit it to