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Health & Social Care Committee Priorities for 6th Senedd

The Senedd Health and Social Care Committee undertook a consultation about its priorities for the 6th term of the Senedd in September 2021. 

Update December 2021

The Senedd Health and Social Care Committee has now published its priorities following the consultation and women's health was included as a priority for years 2-5 of this parliamentary term. This is after Endometriosis UK and many other charities asked for women's health to be made a priority in their responses to the consultation. Tackling health inequalities will also be cross-cutting priority for the Committee's work, which should include tackling any gender inequalities in healthcare. 

More information:

Health and Social Care Committee: Sixth Senedd Strategy (EN)

Y Pwyllgor Iechyd a Gofal Cymdeithasol: Strategaeth y Chweched Senedd (CYM)


Our response

Endometriosis UK took the opportunity to respond to this consultation asking among that women's health, including menstrual health and well-being be made a priority. In relation to endometriosis, we stressed the need to:

  • Recognise and measure the scale of endometriosis in Wales and allocate appropriate resources to diagnose and manage those with the condition
  • Implement the recommendations of the 2018 Welsh Government review on endometriosis care
  • Identify and address gaps in the existing NICE guidance on endometriosis
  • Commit to reducing diagnosis time from an average of 9 years to under 4 years by 2025 and under 1 year by 2030 

We also noted our participation in a coalition of charities which are developing a Women and Girl's Health Plan for Wales. More information about that initiative can be found here.

You can read more in our consultation response (EN). Welsh language version here