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Hayley's Story

Find out how Hayley has coped with having multiple surgeries to treat her endometriosis.
"I’ve always prepared for surgery by talking about it to friends and family beforehand. I find each operation a little easier to manage as it seems more familiar and therefore less daunting."


Since my diagnosis, I have had seven different operations. These have been in the form of laparoscopies and hysteroscopies. I also had an ovary removed during one of these surgeries. 

Because my last operation was so successful, I have felt very fortunate to have a rest period of over a year without any intervention. This operation seems to have been really helpful in minimising my pain and the heaviness of my periods. As I also have adenomyosis, I understand that a hysterectomy will most likely be something I will have to face in the not too distant future.


I know my particular after effects of anaesthetic and which drugs agree with me and which don’t. As I live alone, recovering from surgery is always difficult.

I do still suffer with pain on a daily basis but have just accepted that this is something I will always have to live with. I work full time and have a busy social life and have recently started a new relationship with a very supportive and understanding partner. I have a great network of support in terms of my boyfriend, friends, family and my colleagues and boss at work. They are all very aware of my condition as I am very open to discussing it.

I have raised some awareness by my frequent open and honest discussions with female friends and colleagues. I have displayed posters at work in the staff toilets to alert women to the particular signs and symptoms. I have also taken part in two sponsored walks in the past and attended Endometriosis UK support groups where I have made a lifelong friend. I feel endometriosis shouldn’t ruin your life, it’s just important to learn how to manage it.

- Hayley