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Have your say on Women’s Health in England

Have your say on Women’s Health in England

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), which is the government department responsible for health and social care services in England, has published a consultation/call for evidence on women’s health, which includes a public survey 

The aim of this consultation is to gather evidence and input from the public, healthcare professionals and health sector organisations including charities in order to help develop a new strategy on women’s health in England. 

The public survey seeks to find out more about women’s experiences in relation to: 

  • Getting their voices heard in healthcare 
  • Having conversations about health 
  • Accessing healthcare services 
  • Finding health information about health matters 
  • Health at work 
  • Health research  

In the press release announcing this consultation, long diagnosis times for endometriosis were mentioned as an example of an area where improvements are needed, so we know that endometriosis is on the government’s radar!  

The public survey asks you to choose which themes are of interest to youthen asks you questions on those themes, which are:  

  • health topics 
  • women’s voices 
  • information and education on women’s health 
  • women’s health through the life course 
  • women’s health in the workplace 
  • research evidence and data 
  • the impact of Covid-19 on women’s health 

Endometriosis UK encourages you to answer questions on all the themes if possiblealthough we understand that not everyone has an interest in research and data.  It would be great if as many people with endometriosis as possible can complete the survey before the closing date of Sunday 30 May.  

Please note that due to healthcare being devolved to the four home nations of the UK, this consultation only addresses healthcare services in England. We strongly encourage anyone who uses healthcare services in England to complete the survey.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. 

Have your say: Women's Health in England