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Hargreaves Lansdown: Why we became an Endometriosis Friendly Employer

We caught up with the team at Hargreaves Lansdown (Financial Services) to find out about why they joined the Endometriosis Friendly Employer Scheme and the early impact of the scheme in the workplace.

What motivated you to join the Endometriosis Friendly Employer Scheme?
We stepped forward to be part of the Endometriosis Friendly Employer Scheme as part of our wider support of colleague’s menstrual health and because we deeply care about making our workplace welcoming and supportive for everyone. Endometriosis is not a widely understood condition and we believe in the importance of education and guiding our managers and team members on how to provide support for colleagues.

What steps have you taken so far to demonstrate commitment to the scheme and employees with endometriosis?
HL is committed to support colleagues with this condition in part through the Endometriosis Friendly Employer scheme. There are dedicated educational resources for colleagues and we have appointed 12 Endometriosis Champions providing knowledge and support for colleagues and managers.

Additionally, we have aligned our menopause and menstruation policy with our absence policy. In the spirit of Endometriosis Action Month, we encouraged all colleagues to "go yellow for endo". We hosted an atrium takeover with a tea for endo which aimed to raise awareness by encouraging as many colleagues and departments as possible to go yellow for endo by decorating their desks and wearing yellow.

Have you seen any impact following the steps taken? Could you share any examples with us?
The impact of our transition to becoming an endometriosis-friendly employer is difficult to quantify as most initiatives have only been launched recently. However, our International Women's Day event, organized by the Financially Fearless, Gender Diversity, Women in the Committee, and the People team, received a lot of positive feedback. Many colleagues expressed gratitude for these initiatives and appreciated the support they have been given.

Have you seen support from Senior Leadership?
We have received support from Senior Leadership and department heads as they understand the significance of this.

We’re encouraging employers across the UK to get involved and pledge their commitment to creating a supportive workplace for employees with endometriosis. What would you say to someone considering joining the scheme?
The scheme is a meaningful way to show your commitment to colleague well-being as well as improving inclusivity.


Thank you to Hargreaves Lansdown for becoming an Endometriosis Friendly Employer and pledging to create a supportive workplace for employees with endometriosis.

Find out more about the Endometriosis Friendly Employer Scheme here.

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