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Gloria's Story

After having a miscarriage, Gloria was concerned that she would be unable to naturally conceive with endometriosis.

"Doctors told me that due to low hormone levels, it was unlikely that I would carry the baby full term."


I was first diagnosed with endometriosis in Colombia – where I grew up – when I was 27, at the time I had no partner but had been advised to have children as soon as possible or I may have problems conceiving. However, sometimes the time just isn’t right to have babies straight away.

When I was 31, I did then meet my husband so it became an option. I became ill and was brought into hospital with appendicitis. When doctors investigated, they suspected I had endometriosis in my appendix. I was soon brought in for a laparoscopy to tell for sure, but it was cancelled. At my appointment for a laparoscopy I had a blood test which showed I was pregnant. Doctors told me that due to low hormone levels, it was unlikely that I would carry the baby full term. They suspected that I would have my period within the month and a miscarriage. They were correct – I miscarried and lost my baby.  In light of what I’d been advised – that I should not too wait long to have children - this was really upsetting; I had the further challenge of trying for another baby and of conceiving again.

The investigations into my endometriosis showed I had Stage 3 endometriosis already. I was given surgery. Soon after, I became pregnant again, naturally. My baby girl, Sophia was born 12 months ago and she is really precious. 


Having recently had my baby I wanted to breastfeed. Breastfeeding has been a brilliant experience, mostly because I have not had any periods! I have been pain-free and this has been a real break from normality. When trying to get pregnant I researched a lot about endometriosis and went on many websites to find out more. I tried acupuncture for about three or four months and took supplements. I also took up Yoga and ate more healthily than before.

I hope to have another baby soon after I stop breastfeeding, and intend to take up the same measures to keep me to be at my best for conceiving. I’ve been studying to be a health coach and I hope one day be able to help other women who’ve suffered from endometriosis.


Photo of endometriosis case study Gloria