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Endometriosis UK welcomes the Scottish Government's Women's Health Plan

Endometriosis UK welcomes the publication by the Scottish Government of the Women’s Health Plan 2021-2024. The plan makes important and specific commitments on endometriosis which is great news for the estimated 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth who have endometriosis in Scotland.

We have been campaigning in Scotland for the relevant national guidance on the diagnosis and care of endometriosis to be fully implemented in order to reduce diagnosis times for endometriosis and improve care and support for the disease. We are pleased to see concrete commitments to reduce diagnosis times for endometriosis from the current average of 8.5 years down to under 1 year, and to ensure access to high quality care for all in Scotland who need it.

We particularly welcome the following measures outlined in the Plan:

  • Improving awareness of endometriosis in young people by developing and delivering age-appropriate menstrual well-being education in all Scottish primary and secondary schools
  • Improving awareness of endometriosis among Healthcare Practitioners (HCPs) such as GPs, hospital consultants and A&E doctors
  • Fully implementing national guidance on endometriosis care (adopted in 2018 to ensure that all those with suspected or confirmed endometriosis receive the care and support they need including where necessary being referred to one of the three endometriosis specialist centres in Scotland.
  • Developing new care pathways for endometriosis occurring outside the pelvic cavity
  • Greater support for endometriosis research

We look forward to continuing our work with the Scottish government, NHS Scotland and other stakeholders to implement the Women’s Health Plan. Read the Plan here.


Endometriosis UK was involved in the sub-group on Menopause, Menstrual Health and Endometriosis, which was one of five sub-groups created to develop actions for the Women’s Health Plan.