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Endometriosis UK Volunteer to take on the London Marathon

Our 2023 London Marathon runner Sarah talks all things support groups, volunteering, marathon training, and fundraising.

Hi Sarah, firstly thank you so much for taking on the London Marathon in aid of Endometriosis UK! Can you tell us a little bit about your motivations to support the cause?

Finding Endometriosis UK and attending support groups gave me comfort knowing that I wasn’t alone. I knew very little about endometriosis when I was diagnosed and it was a very scary time, so by attending the group, I’ve learned so much. I’ve also made amazing friends through being involved with the charity and various initiatives that we’ve been involved with.  Endometriosis UK do amazing work campaigning for awareness and the changes that need to be made so the opportunity to represent the charity in the London Marathon is such an honour. 

What running experience do you have and how are you finding the training?

I only got into running properly this year believe it or not! I completed the Couch to 5K programme back in the first Covid lockdown, but signing up to a half marathon in April of this year is what got me back into it. I followed it up with another half marathon in June and then I did the Asics 10k in July for Endometriosis UK. Shortly after this event, I caught Covid and I hated not being able to run. It has helped me so much mentally and physically, and now I couldn’t imagine not running. My official marathon training starts in January but I’m already in the swing of it now. I’ve started doing strength training and also got myself a rowing machine. I plan to run in a couple of organised races too to help me get used to running in crowds! 

Tell us about your fundraising plans?

I’ve already held a tea party and I’ve got a raffle going for a Christmas hamper at the moment. I’ve got a few ideas for next year including a quiz night and a yoga workshop. I think a cake sale at work is a must too!

Do you have any fundraising tips or advice for someone else who might be thinking of supporting Endometriosis UK?

Quiz nights or race nights always work well as it’s something people can get involved in and make sure you run a raffle on the night too! Try and spread the word when you meet people, you never know who may want to contribute a donation or raffle prize. 

As you are one of our fabulous support group volunteers, can you tell us a little bit about what someone can expect from joining an Endometriosis UK support group?

Support groups are a safe welcoming space where you can have as little or as much input as you want to. Some people join because they have a particular question or concern, others may sit back and listen. There is no pressure, you can attend every month or just the once, the group will always be there. 

And lastly, what change do you most want to see for the endometriosis community?

The biggest change we need is a quicker diagnosis! 8 years is too long! 


Volunteer Sarah running for Endometriosis UK in the London Marathon