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Endometriosis UK Trustee talks at TEDxBrighton

Endometriosis UK Trustee Carol Pearson gave an inspiring talk about her personal journey with endometriosis at this year's TEDxBrighton.

TED conferences take place across the world and are where inspiring speakers gather together to give short, informative talks that cover a wide range of topics and ideas.

These talks are then filmed by a professional camera crew and shared across social media, where they can be viewed by millions of people.

Carol's talk was streamed live online, and is now available for viewing YouTube for anyone that missed it!

This has been an incredible opportunity to increase understanding of endometriosis and the effect that the condition can have on women. Carol hopes that by sharing what has been a long and difficult journey, she will allow others to understand what it really means to be an endometriosis sufferer.

I'm sure you’ll join us in thanking Carol for all she does in raising awareness and supporting women with endometriosis. She is a truly amazing and inspiring woman!

Please show your support for Carol and help raise awareness of endometriosis by watching, sharing and liking this video!