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Endometriosis UK supports Trans Awareness Week 2023

Endometriosis UK is supporting Transgender Awareness Week (13 -19 November). This week is for increasing the visibility of the transgender community, and awareness of issues that the community experiences.  

During this week and beyond, we are highlighting support services and information available to the transgender community. 

Endometriosis UK exist to support all those with endometriosis.
In England & Wales, 262,000 people identify as transgender (Census, 2021) and in Scotland, there is an estimated 24,000 people (Scottish Public Health Network, 2018). Endometriosis affects one in 10 women and those assigned female at birth, meaning there are many transgender and non-binary people with the condition. 

* Statistics for Northern Ireland are unavailable.

Below, you can find organisations that provide information and support services for the transgender community: 

LGBT Foundation:  
LGBT Health and Wellbeing: (Scotland only)  
Gendered Intelligence:  
Switchboard LGBT:  

Trans Awareness Week