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Endometriosis UK supporter in NI helps end the silence

Endometriosis UK supporter in Northern Ireland helps end the silence

An Endometriosis UK supporter in Northern Ireland has generously bought space on a prominent billboard in support of a friend with the disease, and the broader endometriosis community, during Endometriosis Action Month. 

The donor, who has asked to remain anonymous, arranged for the billboard on the A1 (Belfast Road) in Lisburn to display an Endometriosis UK poster for two weeks, beginning Wednesday 18th of March.

The poster includes three women, all of whom live with endometriosis, holding up placards saying ‘END the silence’, ‘END the pain’, and ‘END the isolation’. Our group of six models have also appeared on billboards elsewhere in the UK, and across our social media, during Endometriosis Action Month.

Our generous donor said: "Seeing a friend of mine who has endometriosis go through so much pain and agony has been horrible. I try to do what I can to help her, including by educating myself on the disease, but it's hard not to feel helpless.

“I know that Endometriosis UK does great work to support my friend and so many others with the condition, and I know how important it is to increase public understanding of the disease. I hope this billboard can raise awareness and make those with endometriosis feel supported." 

Emma Cox, CEO of Endometriosis UK, said: "Those with endometriosis or symptoms of the disease are often ignored or not believed – they’re told that their symptoms are ‘all in their head’, that they’re not as bad as they’re making out, or that it’s ‘just part of being a woman’. But we hope such comments are increasingly being consigned to history, with more and more people understanding endometriosis and being ready to support those with the disease. 

“We’re really touched by this generous supporter taking this step to support their friend, and helping to end the silence around endometriosis – and by all the support received from across the country during Endometriosis Action Month.” 

Polling carried out last month by CensusWide for Endometriosis UK suggests that public awareness of the condition is on the up – 53% of the UK population (31% of men and 75% of women) were able to identify endometriosis as a gynaecological health condition when presented with a list of options. This is up from 46% (25% of men and 66% of women) being asked the same question in 2021.

Thanks to the News Letter for covering this story.

Endometriosis UK supporter in Northern Ireland helps end the silence