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Endometriosis UK four point plan on better endometriosis care in Scotland

Endometriosis UK has published a report on the barriers and challenges to improving endometriosis care in Scotland. The report identifies four key points that need action in order to improve care for the estimated 100,000 in Scotland with the condition:

  • Implementing NICE’s guideline and quality standard on endometriosis across Scotland - the research found that this base level of care “is not currently being met” 
  • Facilitating relationship development between healthcare services through Managed Clinical Networks to allow for smoother referrals 
  • Increasing education at primary and secondary care levels, with the analysis showing both GPs and non-specialist gynaecologists needing more education on the condition 
  • Investing in endometriosis awareness through a public health campaign, as well as improved menstrual wellbeing education in schools and educating school nurses 

The report was commissioned by the Scottish Government, which has welcomed the report as helpful in relation to implementing the commitments on endometriosis made in the Women's Health Plan.

Download the report here. 

Also see our Press Release.

BBC Radio Scotland covered the report extensively on last week's Sunday Show (from 1h 31).