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End endometriosis: a new brand to drive awareness and impact

You may have noticed something a bit different on Endometriosis UK’s website and social channels this week. On Wednesday 17 November, we launched our 1.5 Million Voices awareness and fundraising campaign, and unveiled a new logo and brand identity, to help us achieve our ambitions.

Central to the new brand is highlighting the ‘End’ in endometriosis, to reflect our desire to end so much about the current challenges those with endometriosis face and the detrimental impact on lives endometriosis can have: to end the taboos, end the ignorance, end the isolation and end the pain it can cause. And, one day, to find an end to endometriosis.

We hope that the new logo, colours, ‘End endometriosis’ terminology and all aspects of the new brand make Endometriosis UK more memorable and clearly-recognisable.

In recent months we have spoken to our volunteers and fundraisers, including hosting focus groups and running surveys, to get lots of input into our new brand as it was developed. We’re really grateful to everyone who took part in that process – all feedback received has helped improve our understanding of what Endometriosis UK means to our audiences, and how you want the charity to present itself. We heard loud and clear that you want your charity to look strong, determined to achieve change, and to be there to support and advocate for everyone with endometriosis. On colours, you wanted yellow to be included, as it’s the international colour of endometriosis, and red reflects the anger and frustration some feel over long diagnosis time and lack of treatments and research. Red is also the colour of blood. We hope you agree that our new logo helps us move forward on our journey.   

To develop 1.5 Million Voices campaign and the new brand, and, we invested a small proportion of the proceeds from recent fundraising challenges, including Walk for Endo and the 1 in 10 Challenge. The investment made in the new campaign and brand will enable us to drive more awareness of endometriosis, provide more support and expand and improve our support services in the medium and long term.

Emma Cox, CEO of Endometriosis UK, said: “Developing our new 1.5 Million Voices campaign and brand is part of our long-term strategy to do more to campaign for change, drive down diagnosis times, and support those with endometriosis. There is lots more we want to do, and to deliver this we need to grow and progress as an organisation. By growing and progressing as an organisation, we will be able to increase high-quality support to as many of those living with endometriosis as possible. Ultimately, we hope it means, that one day, we can put an end to the pain endometriosis causes.”

Endometriosis UK launches new branding