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Anita's story: Egg Freezing

Anita's egg freezing journey

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in June 2019. This was after 14 years of at least 7 days a month of excruciating pain and debilitating periods. For many years I’d been trying to convince people that something wasn’t right with me and now finally there was evidence to prove it. For years I complained to doctors about period pain, but was constantly told that ‘some women suffer from more painful periods than others’ and that nothing could be done. I sadly started to believe this and thought I was supposed to live with this pain for the rest of my life. Not only that, I dreaded the “time of the month” due to crippling pelvic pain. It shouldn’t have taken this long to diagnose.

In 2021, I was told that I would likely need another surgery for my endometriosis and I was concerned about my fertility. A doctor recommended that I had an Ovarian Reserve Test to check the health of my ovaries. The results revealed I was producing less than the average number of eggs for my age. I decided to freeze my eggs, but that didn’t turn out as simple as I thought it would be. When I started taking hormonal medication for the egg freezing procedure, my body didn’t react to the hormones, which essentially meant I couldn’t freeze my eggs. I was devastated and scared – in all honest close to a breakdown.

At the second attempt, my body did react positively and I was able to freeze a few eggs. Too many people suffer in silence, especially when it comes to things like endometriosis and fertility, which is why I continue to raise awareness.

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