Tunbridge Wells Support Group

Rhiannon is the group leader for the Endometriosis UK  Tunbridge Wells Support Group.

My Story: I was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was 19 after suffering for around 3 years, having been told it was numerous problems before endo was confirmed. To be told at 19 that you may never conceive is heart breaking-and that your insides looked like they should belong to someone else was difficult to handle. I had nowhere to turn- I want that to change! - Rhiannon

About the support group: My aim is to have a haven where we can find & share information, support and understand fellow sufferers in similar situations. There will be a mixture of speakers and informal groups. I want to promote fundraising and awareness in the community locally and nationally.

I look forward to meeting you all- we’re not alone- let’s make our voices heard & our pain recognised!

If you are interested in joining the Tunbridge Wells Support Group or finding out more information, fill out our local group enquiry form.

Please note: if you have not heard back from the support group since sending your enquiry and are interested in an upcoming meeting, do feel free to come along!

The next group meeting will be:

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