Taunton Support Group

Naomi is the support group leader for the Taunton support group.

Naomi's story:
I have experienced symptoms of endometriosis since I was 13 years old but wasn't diagnosed with the condition until I was 26, following an operation for appendicitis. I hid away from it for a time. It wasn't until I started to speak out about it that I met others with the condition. Although my friends and family are amazing, it wasn't until I found others with the condition that I felt truly understood.

About the support group
The support group is a place where you can find information, support and understanding with women in similar situations. There will be a mixture of speakers and informal groups. I also hope to
promote fundraising and awareness in the community. 

I want you to feel supported, safe and listened to within the group. I look forward to welcoming you soon.

If you are interested in joining the Taunton Support Group or finding out more information, fill out our local group enquiry form.

Please note: if you have not heard back from the support group since sending your enquiry and are interested in an upcoming meeting, do feel free to come along!




Date Location  Time Topic
TBA Holiday Inn, Deane Gate Avenue, Taunton