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Progress towards a Women’s Health Plan in Wales

Monday 18 July 2022

The Welsh Government has recently published a Quality Statement on Women’s Health. The Quality Statement outlines how Health Boards should deliver healthcare services to meet the needs of women and those assigned female at birth in Wales. The Quality Statement lists endometriosis as one of the conditions where gender inequality and a need for gender competent services arises. 

In a statement, Health Minister Eluned Morgan said that the Quality Statement was the first step to improving women’s health in Wales and it would be followed in autumn by a 10 year Women’s Health Plan. The Minister also noted some other ongoing initiatives including the gynaecology planned care programme board and the development of a menopause care pathway.

This week the Minister attended the Cross Party Group on Women’s Health and answered questions from participants on the forthcoming Women’s Health Plan. As well as thanking the Women’s Health Wales coalition for its report (1), the Minister also noted that she was aware of the need to do more to improve access to endometriosis surgery. On this topic, the Minister informed the meeting that that the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board in North Wales will include plans for endometriosis surgery in its next Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP). This is part of a three year plan to set up an endometriosis specialist centre in North Wales. Further information can be found here


(1) Endometriosis UK is part of a coalition of charities called Women’s Health Wales, which published a report in late May in the form of a detailed Quality Statement addressing specific areas of women’s health including endometriosis. We will continue to engage with decision makers in Wales, including through the coalition and other fora, in order to secure improvements in endometriosis care including through the forthcoming Women's Health Plan. 

Women's Health Wales report (EN)                  Women's Health Wales report (CYM)

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