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Pain imagery in endometriosis - common and consistent worldwide?

  • Friday, November 25, 2016

Our previous research over a year ago in the United Kingdom found pain imagery (an image that pops into your mind when you are in pain) to be common and associated with a reduced quality of life in women with endometriosis. We now want to find out if pain imagery is common and how it differs in terms of content and impact in women from around the world. This survey explores your pain experience in a new way from last time, so you can complete this survey even if you completed our last survey.

This survey is now closed, many thanks to all those who responded.

What will happen to your responses

All the responses we get from women who complete this survey will be gathered together. The survey results, which are completely anonymous, will be shared with health professionals in order to raise awareness of pain imagery and its impact on women with endometriosis.

For any further information please contact Christopher Graham, Medical Student at the University of Edinburgh.

This survey complements but is distinct from the recent survey you may have completed made by the Universities of Edinburgh and Oxford on chronic pelvic pain . Importantly, this survey is only for women with endometriosis. We are also exploring women's pain experience worldwide, not just in the United Kingdom, as highlighted above.

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