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New survey on accessing care for endometriosis

  • Thursday, June 09, 2022

We have launched a new survey to find out if the fallout from the Covid pandemic is still affecting those with endometriosis, in particular in relation to accessing NHS care. 

NHS services are recovering from the impact of the Covid pandemic, but some have not yet returned to pre-pandemic capacity, and there is additional demand due to the pandemic backlog. We regularly hear that some in the endometriosis community are still having problems accessing gynaecology and endometriosis specialist centre care including long waiting times for appointments and surgery.

Can you take the time to complete our new survey and tell us your current experience? We want to shape NHS care to provide better care for those with the disease, and we need up-to-date data and insights to back up our campaigning for changes to improve care.  

This survey is similar to the one that over 2,500 respondents completed in June and July 2021. Thanks to all of those who responded to the 2021 survey, we were able to help explain to policy makers and journalists exactly how the pandemic was affecting endometriosis care and what changes were needed to address the problems arising. For example, we used data from Welsh respondents to the survey to respond to the Senedd Health and Social Care Committee's consultation on waiting times

If you have suspected or confirmed endometriosis, please consider completing our new survey and sharing on social media for wider reach. Thanks!




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