News Archive March 2021

24 March 2021

Endometriosis storyline to air on EastEnders this week

After tragically suffering a miscarriage, Ruby undergoes further testing in tomorrow night’s episode of EastEnders (Thursday, 25th March) and it is suggested by her gynaecologist that she has endometriosis.

6 March 2021

The Department for Health has today launched a consultation on a new Women’s Health Strategy. The Government want to hear first-hand experiences of accessing healthcare, to identify and make recommendations on what steps need to be taken to ensure equal access to treatment.

1 March 2021

New stats from Endometriosis UK this week for Endometriosis Awareness Month reveal that:

  • 62% of women (aged 16-54) would put off going to a Doctor with symptoms of endometriosis because they don’t think it’s serious enough to bother a Doctor with, they’d be embarrassed, don’t think they’d be taken seriously, or think symptoms including painful periods are normal. This statistic rises to 80% of 16-24-year-olds.