News Archive June 2017

7 June 2017

Annie volunteers in the Endometriosis UK office and is doing some really important work on our Membership programme. She's a central part of the team and all of the staff feel really lucky to have her involved with us. 

Annie explains how using our support services encouraged her to get more involved. 

6 June 2017

Magui is a Helpline volunteer, facilitating one of our most popular services. As well as supporting those impacted by endometriosis, the staff at Endometriosis UK really appreciate her contributions to a number of "behind the scenes" projects.

Magui explains what drives her to volunteer with Endometriosis UK.

5 June 2017

Stephanie has been volunteering with Endometriosis UK for just over four years and has made a difference to so many people's lives through her volunteer work. As well as facilitating the Glasgow Support Group, she hosted a Patient Information Day in 2016 and also trains new Endometriosis UK volunteers. 

Here, she outlines her experiences as a group leader. 

2 June 2017



Louise is part of our HealthUnlocked Forum Moderator Team. Her role includes supporting posters and ensuring all posts are in line with the code of conduct. Our HealthUnlocked forum has over 23,000 members and so Louise's role is essential in ensuring things run smoothly. 

Here, Louise talks about her reasons for volunteering with Endometriosis UK.

1 June 2017

Endometriosis UK celebrates Volunteers' Week

It's Volunteers' Week and all at Endometriosis UK want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who contribute to making the lives of those with endometriosis so much more manageable.