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Endometriosis and IBS

In this Webinar, Consultant Gynecologist Liza Ball discusses the potential links between Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and endometriosis.

The webinar discusses:

  • What is IBS?
  • What are the links between IBS and endometriosis?
  • Does endometriosis cause IBS or can IBS symptoms be worsened by endometriosis?
  • If someone is suffering from IBS symptoms, does that mean the endometriosis is most likely to be present in the bowel?
  • Are there any foods people should avoid?
  • Are there medications to help ease the symptoms?
  • How much research is going on into endometriosis and IBS?
  • What should people do if they think they have endometriosis, but are being told they have IBS?

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