Write to your MP ahead of the APPG launch

Ahead of the APPG report launch, we are trying to gather as much MP support as possible. Please use this template to invite your MP to join the APPG on Endometriosis for the launch of the APPG Inquiry Report on Tuesday 20th October. If you are unsure who your MP is, click here. The more MPs we gain support from, the louder our voices will be. Thanks for your support!

Template email:

Dear X,

I am writing as your constituent to invite you to an event hosted by the APPG on Endometriosis on Tuesday 20th October at 4pm, via zoom. The event will bring together MPs, patient groups, industry, clinical experts and many others for a panel discussion on the outcomes of the APPG Inquiry and what MPs can do to support me and others in your constituency with endometriosis. To RSVP and receive a zoom link, please email Faye Farthing at Endometriosis UK, the Groups Secretariat on faye@endometriosis-uk.org.

The APPG on Endometriosis has been conducting an inquiry into endometriosis, to highlight the devastating impact the condition can have on people's lives, and what the Government can do to ensure people with endometriosis have access to the right care at the right time. 

I am one of the 1.5 million with endometriosis in the UK. Despite affecting so many, and being the second most common gynecological condition in the UK, there is no cure for the condition, we don’t know what causes it, and treatment options are limited.  It also takes on average a shocking 7.5 years to diagnose, and can have a huge impact on all aspects of our lives, including our education, careers, fertility, and our physical and mental health.

My own experience of endometriosis has been…Here you can insert a summary of your personal experience, such as how long it took you to get diagnosed, or the impact the condition has had on your life.

The Inquiry into endometriosis has provided a huge opportunity for people like myself with endometriosis to feel heard. But we need your support in making sure the outcomes of the report are heard in Parliament, and that the Government takes action to ensure the next generation of people with endometriosis are given the right support at the right time.

I would be grateful to discuss my experience with you in more detail, and if you would like to receive updates from the APPG about the Inquiry and its future work, please email faye@endometriosis-uk.org to be added to the mailing list.

Best wishes,
Your name and address

[You will need to include your address so your MP knows you are their constituent]