Blogging newbie

When I started to reflect on what I’ve been up to at Endometriosis UK since I joined as Chief Executive, it was with some surprise that I realised I’ve only been with the organisation thirteen weeks.

I already feel so much a part of this vibrant community of strong women. It’s very easy to care, when you learn that sufferers are in pain all day, every day. It’s very easy to care when you learn that diagnosis takes, on average, more than seven frustrating years. It’s very easy to care when you meet the brave and resilient women who are fighting this lifelong battle. So, in thirteen weeks I have come to care very much – which is a particularly useful tool when you want to make change happen.

And what have I been doing about it for the last three months? 

It’s been busy! We’ve recruited four staff, which makes us a very new team - everyone is learning fast! We’ve started work on a series of internal efficiency improvements, held a Training & Information conference, plus our AGM and my first board meeting as CEO. Phew! I’ve also been working on existing projects with the Royal College of Nursing and the Scottish Parliament. New projects I’ve started include Endo UK becoming a stakeholder for the development of new NICE guidance on endometriosis – exciting stuff!

Over the next month I’ll be focusing on fundraising through trusts and foundations. I’ll also be going to the House of Lords for the Pain Summit Recommendations (looking forward to a nose around the HoL!) and having my monthly meeting with our Chair, the rather lovely Trevor Dahl. November will also be a month of gearing up for strategic planning, to set our agenda from 2015 for the next five years. Something I’m really excited about is a challenge I’ve set myself to meet as many of our volunteers as possible throughout November and December. 

I’m told that the optimum length for a blog is 200 words, and I’ve already almost doubled that – a pitfall for blogging newbies – I will stop now though! I plan to write this every month and I’ll probably choose a theme each time, with some interviews and guest bloggers thrown in – so do let me know what you’d find interesting. You will find me at Twitter as @jane_ceo.

Until next time...